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"Paula scores 19/20 with the Scotsman!"

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Just can’t make your mind up which treatment to have? Why not try ‘Top to Toe,‘ available for 60 or 90 minutes of bliss. Paula will start with treating your feet to a wonderfully relaxing reflexology treatment and then without you moving will continue your session with Indian Head Massage of the head and face.

Treatment takes place on the couch and works all the zones of your body from toe to head and head to toe.

"Paula scores 19/20 with the Scotsman!"

  Spa Spy Pressure Points Edited by Gaby Soutar

Spa room with towelsFrom Indian Head Massage to Reflexology, this top to toe treatment is true to its word.


Top to treatment, £45 for 60 minutes, at Neal's Yard Remedies (102 Hanover Street, Edinburgh 0131-226-3223, with Paula Barratt, who's available on Fridays 10am till 6pm and Saturdays noon till 6pm.


If you want a deeply relaxing experiance, but don't like the idea of getting disrobed (You only have to take of your shoes, socks and jewellery), then this is the treatment for you.


My Therapist, Paula, has tons of qualifications tucked under her alternative therapy belt, from Bowen Therapy, to Emotional Freedom Technique and Sports Massage. She's got that nurturing holistic therapist thing going on, in the she listens and is responsive to what you want out of the treatment. Reflexology is her first love and she even specialises in the limbic variety, which claims to stimulate the limbic system and thus, treat anxiety.
You could make this a Toe to Top and kick off with a foot rub, or let Barratt start at the top and work her way down. I went for the conventional route, and lay on the bed with tinkling music in the background.
The movement in a traditional Indian head Massage are quite subtle, with lots of pressing and cupping of the scalp, while thumbs gently need on certain acupressure points. It's not like sticking to one of those orgasmatron gadgets on your bonce, in that it'sinstantly pleasurable instead, your lulled into what Paula describes as an "Alpha State", which is similar to the chilled-out sensation that are induced by meditation.
To up the pampering factor, she uses massages a little of Neal's Yard Remedies Rose Oil onto my face, using figure of eight movements, and strokes of some of their Organic Coconut oil into my hair.(This is optional - You do not have to leave with a greasy wig).
However, the reflexology is my favourite element of the experiance (I'am biased, as I love having my feet fiddled with since I was small and would get them measured in Russell & Bromeley's children's department).
Paula held onto my toes, then used waving movements to relax before utilising various techniques, including rubbing her thumbs along the edge the edges of my toes and soles. She can treat various health complaints using this therapy, but gave me her generic stress-reducing ritual. And, oh my, did it work. I didn't want it to end. 19 out of 20


Rather than feeling sleepy or groggy after this treatment, I felt strangely alert - clear headed, yet calm. All the thoughts that usually crowd into my were kept at bay for a good couple of hours. Sweet Relief.

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